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  • Customer Review

    I visited the Appoxy Footwear on the Wednesday 9 August 2017 the thing that I didn't like is staff behaviour. I went here for buying my sandel I ask the one of the staff member to give me the size of the 11 number of the sandel. They were telling me that the 11 size is not avialable in this pattern sandel you should select any other then I selected the different then also the same thing happen the size were not there , then I ask the in which pattern the my size is avialable they show me 10 pattern were be there anyone is not new of them. So, I don't like any sandel, than staff member were came to me that and tell me that if you want to not buy sandel then why are you wasting my time. So, don't go for this shop there staff were have not proper behaviour. The varities were also less than also less and your size were not avialable and the proper size is avialble the comfort you want that was not given to you.

  • Customer Review

    Appoxy Footwear is providing the cheapest quality of there product. There is nothing as they described. There customer service is also not appreciable. They don't accept the quality is not good. Even the most of the peoples complaint about it. If the quality was good as they described, then it should be popular. But even they are not doing anything to improve quality and everything. There staff Courtesy is also not good. They should improve there product quality and customer service. There staff should be improve there behavior to the customer. I would not recommended this to anyone.

  • Customer Review

    I purchased a Appoxy Footwear shoe about three months this three months the shoes got wore three times.its made with bad quality its not durable.its price is cheaper but quality is poor also.its not comfortable has worst service.the customer service of this brand is also bad.staff behaviour is very unprofessional.the range of shoes is very narrow.I don't recomment itto anyone.its better not to buy this brand shoes rather than this try some other famous brand like bata or metro.

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