Leap of Faith

Our Leap of Faith is a tree totem pole standing approximately 30 foot / 10 metres high with a small platform at 20 foot / 6.5 metres and on the top. Suspended next to the tree is a buoy attached to a rope that can be lifted and lowered depending on where you decide to jump from. The aim is to jump and high five the buoy. The challenge is to climb up the tree using the wooden blocks attached and reach the first platform. Decision time. Do you take the leap from here or continue to the top? Once decided, you face the leap and will need to summon all your courage to overcome the voices in your head that are telling you not to do it. The rest of the team are on the floor below with plenty of encouragement and support for each challenger. Once they have made the leap they are lowered back to the ground safely by the instructor. A real BUZZ!

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